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My Motivation

I was introduced to the wonders of Glutathione by a close friend  who had a personal experience using Max products. Being a skeptic of  personal testimonials to nutraceuticals, I put on my Science hat and  began to research Glutathione and Cysteine. Needless to say, I was  completely blown away, so much so, that I couldn’t (and still can’t)  stop digging through the research.

As I started to share my research to friends and family, I began to  get requests to research the role of Glutathione for specific ailments  and disorders. Having a Bachelor’s in Science in Biology and a Master’s  in Science with a focus on Gene Therapy, I would read through the  articles and translate them into understandable summaries for people.  After a while, I decided that the information was too valuable to send  to friends by one-off emails. Instead, I decided to share my summaries  through this website.

Fully Opened Kimono: I am convinced of the  importance Glutathione in our cellular and whole-body well-being. But to  do this, one must provide the body with the building blocks it needs to  create Glutathione. I have now joined Max International as an Associate  because I believe that their patented formula for Riboceine is an effective way of delivering the essential block, Cysteine, to the  cells. However, I urge you to read the research as it’s explained. If  you come to the same conclusion that I did about the role of Glutathione  in our lives, then you may want to look at the products Max offers, if you so choose (and if you are interested, please do contact me).

One last note: I am summarizing the research as I understand it.  In no way, shape, or form, am I making any claims that Max products are  useful in the cure, treatment, diagnosis, mitigation or prevention of  any diseases. Do your research. Contact me if you want to chat.

Laila K. Bastedo, B. Sc., M. Sc., MBA